Lucas vs Education

One evening Lucas’ favorite nunu Victor lent him a telescoping back scratcher and Lucas was overjoyed to be able to play with it. He proceeded to the blank wall in the living room and announced that “I’m the teacher!”

Then he started ordering us around, “Loola, you sit here”, ” Daddy, you sit there, don’t be likot okay?”, “Mommy, put down your phone”

Nunu Victor was able to escape to his room temporarily but teacher Lucas went after him and used his telescoping stick to knock on his door and make him come out.

Then he proceeded to talk about school and in complete sentences, he gave a rather comprehensive lecture on various subjects like Giraffes, playdoh, and sitting properly.

it’s funny how he picked up phrases we use when talking to people on the phone or via video chat and naturally uses them in his impromptu lessons.







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