Science for Snacks

He asked if he can do math and science exercises on the computer while he had merienda.

Oral Report: Kangaroo

Their lessons for the whole week was about the continent of Australia, they watched a video about the different animals in Australia and Lucas declared that Kangaroo’s are his favorite (alongside his other favorites that include Giraffes, lions and tigers and bears) and then he said “I know everything there is to know about kangaroos!”…

Sign Language blocks

one of the things we taught Lucas was to be able to say his name in sign language This was a Christmas gift and its perfect since they have been learning sign language in school for the past year.

I only like Teacher Candice

Today was Friday storytelling and PE Day, but when school started, it was a different teacher leading the class. Lucas started crying Lucas: where is teacher Candice? L: where is she? I only like teacher Candice! *cries to mommy* he didn’t want to participate. then, Teacher Diane started the storytelling Teacher: we are going to…

Around the World with Lucas & Friends

Way back before the pandemic hit, we liked to take The Child places so he can experience many things to learn and meet people. Now it’s sad when we hear him say things like “can we go there when there is no more sickness?” He also likes to talk to friends and family online and…

Lucas Chronicles: Reading by himself

Lucas has been practicing how to read all by himself. we give him a sticker for every book he reads. He can then exchange that sticker for 30 minutes of screen time. On weekends I let him watch longer. Mommy is the strict one 😛