Data Visualization with Playdoh

The Child likes Playdoh. so we found these 2 sets really cheap, less than P300 each. They have math and science activities you can do with the playdoh using templates, sizes and number charts. He really loves them.

Correct Answer

He sits like this when he gets the right answer in school

Dinosaur Egg

we got century eggs recently then told The Child that they were dinosaur eggs. he liked them

Artoo, you’re my favorite!

once in a while, The Child will play with his droids, either the Sphero BB-8 or this Hasbro Artoo. They are both remote controlled and have similar abilities you can trigger with the phone app, but I think the artoo has more personality and is clearly more adorable.

Only Two More Sleeps to Loki

Teacher: What month is it?Kids: June!T: What date is it today?K: 7!T: what day is it today?Kids: Monday!Lucas looking at me: Daddy! It’s almost June 9! It’s almost time for Loki! Only two more sleeps!

Experiment: The Ice is Melting

Recently at school, the kids have been doing more experiments but sometimes they don’t have time to do it during class so teacher assigns homework for the kids to do themselves and then they talk about it the next day. Since the art lesson of the day is to mix red and yellow to make…