Gaming – Garden Warfare 2: Sunflower Whole-Wheat

What happens when you give a five-year-old a few video games and a couple of consoles? Chaos, much laughter, and more chaos! Watch Lucas play different Plants vs Zombies games on different platforms, and listen to his non-stop commentary. I’m just a sunflower but see me power an entire infantry! #PlantsVsZombies #PlantsVsZombiesGardenWarfare #PlantsVsZombiesGardenWarfare2 #GardenWarfare #GardenWarfare2…

Gaming Giraffe behind the scenes

Scene: #TheChild is playing Garden Warfare 2 for his YouTube channel #GiraffeGaming downstairs and I hear him screaming and shouting at his opponents. Suddenly he says “like and subscribe, and click the bell to get notifications” then AAAAHHHH zombies! #LucasNotLuke#TrooperDad