Try to catch me!

Biking in lockdown

During the ECQ, nobody is allowed out on the streets, not to walk your dog, not to exercise or even going out for essentials requires a quarantine pass issued by the LGU. this is especially hard on children who need exercise and outside activities as an alternative to spending the day indoors on YouTube. usually,…

It’s like riding a bike

Today The Child asked if he could ride his bike on the lanai, He hasn’t been on his bike for a few months since it started raining and then the move. He just went back and forth, what took long was turning the bike around at the end of the space we had. He then…

He doesn’t know how to walk

He just runs We stopped by Decathlon for some essentials, but kids aren’t allowed inside anymore, so Lucas decided to just run back and forth outside.

Trampoline Day at Decathlon

At the start of the pandemic, one of our favorite places to go was the giant warehouse style sporting good store Decathlon. They were allowing kids inside up until early 2021, now we can’t take The Child inside anymore. It’s a good thing they still have this trampoline outside so he can play there while…

Domino Dance

The Child started doing a victory dance yesterday when he was playing against Loola and Nunu