As the World comes Tumbling down

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Last year, on Lucas’ 4th birthday, we arranged a scavenger hunt at Loola’s house. This year, we did it again

Utah raptor goes to school

His Ninang Trish got him this baby dinosaur during her travels He hasn’t played with it in a long time He said it looks like a giraffe

Guess How Much I Love You

For Show and Tell today, The Child wanted to bring his toy guitar. he has been playing with this really noisy toy for the past few days but today, it didn’t seem to want to work. so, at the last minute, we picked out a book for him to showcase. this is one of his…

I want to look like Trese

Lucas loves playing with water. In the bath, in the shower and outside it. We used to stand his hair up with soap and water when he is in the bath. Recently he found that he can do that himself when he washes his face. Every time he styles his hair, I tell him “you…