Data Visualization with Playdoh

The Child likes Playdoh. so we found these 2 sets really cheap, less than P300 each. They have math and science activities you can do with the playdoh using templates, sizes and number charts. He really loves them.

Science for Snacks

He asked if he can do math and science exercises on the computer while he had merienda.

Strangely he likes doing Math

One day he didn’t listen very well in school so we said he has to make up for it by practicing reading, drawing or math. He chose math We got these laminated flash cards from his teacher last year and they have all sorts of activities from math, drawing and more

Lucas Chronicles: Cleanup

Because he is on Christmas vacation, we had to find something to keep The Child busy. He started working on his dry erase cards from the daycare classes. We had forgotten to erase some of his older lessons so the ink had hardened on the cards and we needed to use alcohol and elbow grease…

Daycare Chronicles: Question of the Day

Why do we need to drink water? Why do we need to dance? Why do we need attendance? Why do we need math? Why do we have to get it correct? Why do we need to write? Why do we need to draw? Can I erase it?

Lucas Chronicles: Math

Lucas likes math,which is funny because neither of his parents are any good at it. A month ago, his teacher sent them a bag with a whiteboard marker, eraser and a whole bunch of laminated activity sheets that they would do in class or as homework. Some of the activities involve simple addition and subtraction….

Daycare Chronicles: Activity Sheets

Today there was no school due to the typhoon. Instead, we entertained The Child with the laminated activity sheets that his teacher had sent all the students a week before Halloween. The care package included some activity sheets for their halloween party, some pretzels and marshmallows which he consumed right after class. The second part…

Lucas Chronicles: puzzles

Lucas likes to play video games on his phone or a tablet. What’s interesting is once he understands the objective of the game, it isn’t long before he figures out how to solve it in his own. One of the things he plays is Unblock Me on Android. Half the time he is able to…