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  • I want to look like Trese

    I want to look like Trese

    Lucas loves playing with water. In the bath, in the shower and outside it. We used to stand his hair up with soap and water when he is in the bath. Recently he found that he can do that himself when he washes his face. Every time he styles his hair, I tell him “you…

  • Watching YouTube

    Watching YouTube

    This is how Lucas likes to watch YouTube

  • Costume Chronicles: Yip Yips for Halloween

    Costume Chronicles: Yip Yips for Halloween

    Since nothing about 2020 is going to be normal, we needed simple costumes to wear while doing our socially distanced trick or treat with The Child. We decided to do the Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street. We already had two fuzzy fleece blankets from Bleeves so we only needed one more color fleece blanket…

  • Costume Chronicles: Paw Patrol Chase

    Costume Chronicles: Paw Patrol Chase

    This Halloween is different from normal. But we still tried to make it somewhat normal for The Child. We asked him what he wants to be on Halloween and of course he said CHASE! My favorite! Chase happens to be the lead pup in his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol. He is a German shepherd pup…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Halloween Party 2020

    Daycare Chronicles: Halloween Party 2020

    Teacher organized an online Halloween party for Lucas and his friends. Everyone came in costume. One of Lucas’ favorite shows is Paw Patrol and his favorite character is Chase, the Police Pup. So we had to make a Paw Patrol Chase costume for Lucas. I’ll talk about how we made the costume in a separate…

  • Lucas Chronicles: Video Games

    Lucas Chronicles: Video Games

    Lucas likes to play video games on his phone or on the PC. Most of the time he plays educational games with puzzles or math. The rest of the time we make sure to watch everything he plays and on some occasions he gets to play on the PS4 with his Ninong Cranky. After trying…

  • Lucas Chronicles: Spiders

    Lucas Chronicles: Spiders

    TRIGGER WARNING!!! If you are afraid of Spiders, avoid this post. Lucas likes to watch videos on YouTube Kids or Netflix. One of the things he likes is Lucas the Spider. He also knows that his mommy doesn’t like snakes and his favorite Nunu doesn’t like spiders. Today he was watching YouTube Kids and picked…

  • Lucas Chronicles: puzzles

    Lucas Chronicles: puzzles

    Lucas likes to play video games on his phone or a tablet. What’s interesting is once he understands the objective of the game, it isn’t long before he figures out how to solve it in his own. One of the things he plays is Unblock Me on Android. Half the time he is able to…

  • Mealtime Chronicles: HBO

    Mealtime Chronicles: HBO

    If it’s not on Netflix or HBO go it has to be on OBH

  • Purple Troll

    We have been allowing Lucas to watch more TV lately. We still try to limit his viewing to educational or interactive shows like Sesame Street (ideally with less Elmo), Cocomelon and Blippi, But sometimes he looks for something more dynamic, with action and compelling characters. One day, he said “I want to watch Purple Troll.”…

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