Lucas VS Loola’s Calendar

Lucas likes to play with his Loola, he waits patiently for her to finish her lessons for the day and then constantly asks at her door if he can play in her home office.

One day he was playing in her office while she finished her lessons. Shortly, I saw him walk into the living room holding a single square of toilet paper, two-ply. He then grabbed a big bottle of alcohol, put the toilet paper on the arm of the couch then poured the alcohol on the paper. Then he rushed back to Loola’s office carefully holding the paper in his hands.

A few minutes later he came out with another tissue and proceeded to put alcohol.

I heard him say quietly “oh no! Too much too much!” then he walked back to the office holding the tissue carefully.

A half hour later, he and Loola emerge from the office and she tells us the story of Lucas and her desk calendar. Apparently he got a hold of the calendar and a permanent marker, he asked Loola if he could write on it, she absentmindedly replied yes while focused on work reports.

We find out that he had written circles all over the month of July 2020 in permanent marker and encircled all the dates. Then he realized his mistake and figured out how to clean up the calendar by himself.







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