Fingerpaint and Aprons

Lucas got this pack of fingerpaints from his Teacher for Christmas. he had been asking if he can paint almost every day. we figured it’s kinda messy and would take a lot of preparation and cleaning up. we finally relented and decided that he can do this in the lanai, on his water table and…

My Favorite Cats

Lucas: This is Bunny, my mommy and daddy’s cat, he loved to sleep on daddy’s head. Lucas: And this is Botchok, my mommy’s cat, she would have loved me. Lucas: I wanted to meet them Cat paintings by Tita Jovan @starshuffler


I took The Child to the village park to meet up with his cousin Henry, good thing Ate Nixi made it and the three cousins got to play football which quickly escalated to Fightball (it’s not as bad as it sounds)