Halloween Haul

we drove around the village to the indicated addresses with Halloween giveaways Lucas and Rej would get down and pick up a pack of candy and put it in his basket. by the end of the day, we had filled about five baskets and then some What’s funny was the first thing The Child did…

Doe, a deer, a female deer este dog

We have a dog named Puff, she looks like a small deer. Puff has been with us since 2010, she is an Italian greyhound, much smaller than a regular greyhound but also quite a fast runner. Today she got a bath and had to stay outside for a bit to get some sunshine to dry….

Lucas Chronicles: Yo

Lucas: this card is the letter Y, it has a Yo Mommy: that’s a yo-yo, can you spell yo-yo? L: Y, O, *pause* minus Y, O *pause* equals YO

Show and Tell: Mighty Chase

My name is Lucas and this is my Mighty Chase toy, he is one of the Paw Patrol pups and he is very fast like this *WOOOSH* He also has a Mighty Chase car that is blue and yellow and Grey, it also transforms into a hover craft like this *VROOM* The hover craft is…