Egyptian Ducks at Avilon Zoo

Gaming – Garden Warfare 2: Sunflower Whole-Wheat

What happens when you give a five-year-old a few video games and a couple of consoles? Chaos, much laughter, and more chaos! Watch Lucas play different Plants vs Zombies games on different platforms, and listen to his non-stop commentary. I’m just a sunflower but see me power an entire infantry! #PlantsVsZombies #PlantsVsZombiesGardenWarfare #PlantsVsZombiesGardenWarfare2 #GardenWarfare #GardenWarfare2…

Playstation Portable v1

The Child asked if we had a Playstation 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 I said we don’t have a Playstation 1, 4 or 5 Then he asked about the PSP The problem is the battery of the PSP keeps falling out and resetting his game. #LucasNotLuke #LifeWithLucas #ConversationsWithLucas #LucasIAmYourFather #DaycareChronicles #TheChild #LucasVsOldTech

Donut Dance

No, it’s not a sugar rush, he is always this energetic