Breastfeeding rooms: Festival Mall,  Alabang

Ever since we had Lucas,  we’ve been making sure we know where the breastfeeding rooms are located in each mall. Usually the ones inside SM malls are easy to find,  it’s a small room located near the restrooms. Ayala Malls go out of their way to make it a comfortable place with nice amenities like a play room and lounge. 

We couldn’t find any information online about the breastfeeding room in Festival Mall in Alabang, fortunately my wife Regina saw a sign indicating that it was located near the food court. When we saw it,  the room was in the service hallway behind the food stalls, utilizing the same space as the mall clinic, complete with clinical tables. The security guard insisted that only the breastfeeding mother and child remain in the room but she allowed me to assist in preparing the area. We had to wait outside in the food court.  

While it can be inconvenient for the mother to handle everything herself, the mall policy might be concerned about security as well if there are too many people in the room. 

The other problem is finding the room,  there is only a small sign in the far corner of the food court,  I actually missed the sign while we were looking from across the tables. 

Another funny thing is that some of the maintenance staff in a nearby  area do not even know where and what the breastfeeding room is,  they suggested using the handicapped bathroom which has a changing table. ABSOLUTELY NOT GONNA HAPPEN. 

Breastfeeding room rating: 2/5 

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