Breastfeeding rooms: Shopwise, Sucat

We attended the baptism reception at the Shakey’s branch in Shopwise Sucat one weekend and then went up to buy some groceries after the party. Despite having been buying our groceries at this particular branch, we’ve never really had to look at the breastfeeding room until recently. Lucas was not really hungry, having been distracted by all the people playing with him at the reception, however, he needed a change of diapers at this particular moment. We had to ask someone at the customer service desk to open the breastfeeding room, which was located near the restrooms on the second floor where the supermarket area is located. When we entered, it was a tiny room with 2 small aluminum chairs and a faux leather armchair. There was a curtain covering one wall of the room and a small wall mounted electric fan, an exhaust fan but no direct air-conditioning system in the room. Good thing it was still rather cool at this time of the year. The room was barely big enough to fit me, the stroller and the furniture.

I don’t recall if there was a table, but if there was, it was so small that we couldn’t even use it to change Lucas’ diaper. Since we weren’t going to feed Lucas at this time, we were only here to change his diaper, Rej went ahead to get the groceries and I proceeded to work on cleaning The Child. I got the two lightweight aluminum chairs and arranged them facing each other and I opened up our transforming diaper bag and went through the motions of cleaning the baby bum. Lucas was still quite cheerful and in good spirits to it didn’t take long to change him. we cleaned up and packed up the diaper bag, then I put him back in his stroller and went out to follow his mother.

All in all, it’s good there is a breastfeeding room but there isn’t much else and even less space. It’s good enough for feeding if you really have to and a place to change diapers. Not very comfortable but it will do in a pinch.

Breastfeeding room rating: 1/5




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