We did Science!

On the weekend, we did some experiments, recommended by Lucas’ teacher. They had been discussing the different types of weather and they talked about rain and rain clouds. Then their teacher said they could do experiments at home with plastic and cotton.

We decided to revise some of their teacher’s recommendations to make it a little more fun and educational for Lucas.

Instead of just dripping water on a plastic sheet with a drawing of clouds or dripping water on a bundle of cotton until it dripped like a cloud, We decided to upgrade the experiment.

We took one of his drawings of a house with a tree and a sun, then put it in a plastic folder then made two clear plastic pockets in the shape of clouds then filled them with cotton.

Then Lucas would pour water onto the cotton until it would flow out of holes on the bottom simulating rainfall.

We also took a small lamp to represent sunshine so that we could explain how evaporation and the water cycle works.

He had so much fun pouring water into the clouds over and over again, he kept at it for almost an hour.

I made sure to also explain how evaporation and condensation works as part of the whole water cycle.

The next day he asked if we could do science again.



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  1. Daycare Chronicles: For Science! – Adventures of a Stormtrooper Dad. Avatar

    […] Over the weekend, we did some experiments as recommended by Lucas’ teacher. We simulated rainfall and the water cycle. More details here […]


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