Lucas Vs conversations with teacher

Lucas is done drawing, he just has a conversation with the teacher while the other kids are still drawing.
L: teacher
T: yes Lucas?
L: are you done drawing?
T: yes I am
L: can I see it again
T: here you go, but I used a whiteboard not paper.
L: you should use paper so that you can color it.
L: just like my drawing that is green. Look!
L: do you like to see my masterpiece?




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One response to “Lucas Vs conversations with teacher”

  1. I don’t know how single parents do it. – The Geeky Cat Lady Avatar

    […] well, if you’ve never met him, let me tell you that he is very talkative. He talks nonstop. In school, his teacher asks one question and he answers with ten detailed sentences. Sometimes he makes up […]


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