Lucas VS sportball

Lucas likes to play ball. He has more than one football, tennis balls, Papa Boy gives him colorful golf balls, he has a ball pit with a slide and many other spherical objects to play with.

Sometimes he would ask one of us to make a ring with our arms so he can throw his football through it over and over again.

Then we just recently got him a mini basketball with a ring. He was so excited to play with it he was a very good and obedient boy for half a day until we told him he could finally play with it.

His mommy hung it on the garden fence and within a few minutes it ended up on the street.

It’s nice that he is a very active child, he gets to exercise as much as he likes. The only problem is that none of us are very athletic when it comes to sports things. We are going to have to outsource that if he decides he wants to get into sports.







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