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  • Show and Tell: You Spin me round

    Show and Tell: You Spin me round

    Today was show and tell, he only picked what to present a few minutes before class. So this was not a practiced Show and Tell presentation.

  • Show and Tell: One-Eyed Cat

    Show and Tell: One-Eyed Cat

    show and tell today was an old toy from McDo: Ugly Dolls’ Ugly pet store dog (but he calls it a cat)

  • Show and Tell then PE

    Show and Tell then PE

    Lucas was playing with his scooter this morning, first down the street then in the cement garden. while he was showing me his tricks (which was mostly just posing) he slipped and skinned his knee. He has fallen from his bike and while running before but it wasn’t so bad. This time his knee was…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Our Cat

    Daycare Chronicles: Our Cat

    Teacher: can you follow our lesson today and identify things in your house that everyone in your family uses or owns? Kid 1: this is our aircon. Kid 2: this is our electric fan. Kid 3: this is our bathroom. Lucas: this is our kitty cat, her name is Luka and she is colored black…

  • Show and Tell: Mighty Chase

    Show and Tell: Mighty Chase

    My name is Lucas and this is my Mighty Chase toy, he is one of the Paw Patrol pups and he is very fast like this *WOOOSH* He also has a Mighty Chase car that is blue and yellow and Grey, it also transforms into a hover craft like this *VROOM* The hover craft is…

  • Physical Education

    Physical Education

    Lucas: Why is we need to PE and show and tell? Teacher: Physical fitness and learn how to talk and listen to each other. We have to know how to speak and communicate. T: tomorrow is our Christmas party, you can wear your best holiday clothes. L: I’m going to wear Christmas blue!

  • Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Lucas: Teacher excuse me, I have a question! Excuse me teacher I want to ask you something. Teacher: yes Lucas can I help you? L: why do we need to exercise? T: exercise is healthy and good for our bodies L: okay, thank you teacher, I’m ready to exercise some more T: get something round…

  • Show and Tell: Guardians of the Galaxy little golden book

    Show and Tell: Guardians of the Galaxy little golden book

    Lucas: My name is Lucas and this is my favorite book in the whole rainbow world. L: Guardians of the Galaxy book! L: I read this book everyday. T: did you memorize the book already? L: Yes but I want my mommy to read to book to me because my mommy is great at reading…

  • Show and Tell: Transforming Train

    Show and Tell: Transforming Train

    My name is Lucas and this is my Transforming Train. It’s a robot that was a train. It has two arms and two legs and has these red wheels. It also has a head. That’s all.

  • Show and Tell: Simba

    Show and Tell: Simba

    Teacher: today is Show and Tell, we will start with Lucas. Lucas: Hello my name is Lucas and this is Simba. He is a lion from Lion King. That’s all. T: can you tell us more about Simba? Kuya Thiago says it’s a nice looking Simba and he wishes he had one too. L: I…

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