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  • Show and Tell: Blue Cup

    Show and Tell: Blue Cup

    My name is Lucas and this is my blue cup. It is blue blue blue! My favorite color! I like it because it is blue and it has a weird shape like an oval but it’s not an oval. I got it from my favorite Nunu in the whole rainbow world. You can use it…

  • Show and Tell: Lightsabers

    Show and Tell: Lightsabers

    Lucas: Hi my name is Lucas and these are my little green lightsabers. *cue action sequence* *running around the living room for five minutes* L: YAAAAHHH! *more running around* L: HAI-YAAAAH! T: thank you Lucas for that action packed Show and Tell L: you’re welcome teacher

  • Daycare Chronicles: P. E.

    Daycare Chronicles: P. E.

    Teacher: so now every Friday after Show and Tell we will have P. E. or Physical Education so that we exercise our body as well as our minds. After stretching, jumping Jack’s, addition and more jumping. T: we have to cool down, we are going to do a yoga tree pose. Kid 1: it’s like…

  • Show and Tell: Periscope

    Show and Tell: Periscope

    For show and tell today, Lucas’ favorite Nunu gave him another toy from his childhood, a toy periscope possibly from 1995.

  • Show and Tell: “Chef”

    Show and Tell: “Chef”

    This is Chef as Lucas calls him. It’s actually a stuffed toy of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Show and Tell: Iron Man

    Show and Tell: Iron Man

    My name is Lucas and this is Iron Man and when you press the button on his chest he talks! Seee! He talks! Then when he talks he says many things Seee! Then you can move his arms and you move like this! Seee! Then he has a jetpack and it has PEW PEW like…

  • Show and Tell: Thor, God of Hammers

    Show and Tell: Thor, God of Hammers

    Hello my name is Lucas and this is Thor, he is a super hero and he has a magic hammer which he uses to fight the bad guys. Thor also has a cape and so he can fly like this *WOOOSH* He also has a helmet with wings and then when he needs to eat…

  • Show and Tell: McDo Books

    Show and Tell: McDo Books

    L: My name is Lucas, these are my books. L: This one is from Loola and this one is from my daddy. L: This book is about a dolphin and this one is about a polar bear. L: You know what happened in the story? They turned their time machine into a boat! L: Then…

  • Show and Tell: Guitar

    Show and Tell: Guitar

    My name is Lucas and this is my toy guitar. It makes music and I play it everyday. I got it from my favorite Nunu in the whole blue world (points out the window) T: wow, was that the guitar you used when we sang Buenos Tardes at the start of class?L: yes it is.…

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