Show and Tell then PE

Lucas was playing with his scooter this morning, first down the street then in the cement garden. while he was showing me his tricks (which was mostly just posing) he slipped and skinned his knee. He has fallen from his bike and while running before but it wasn’t so bad. This time his knee was bleeding more than he had ever seen before so he was crying more than usual.

We washed it and he was crying OUCHIE OUCHIE OUCHIE the entire time. We put a large stickie (band aid) and added surgical tape to keep it down because he keeps touching it.

I messaged his teacher that he might not be able to perform the PE exercises today because of his injury but when I cleaned it the second time he said it tickled.

During school he showed it off to his friends and still did the exercises as usual with the added exercise of touching the tape on his knee.

I think he is fine



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