This is what happens when you leave a child with a gesture trigger cameraphone

Artoo, you’re my favorite!

once in a while, The Child will play with his droids, either the Sphero BB-8 or this Hasbro Artoo. They are both remote controlled and have similar abilities you can trigger with the phone app, but I think the artoo has more personality and is clearly more adorable.

My favorite hill

Lucas likes going downhill, on his bike and in the car. Today, As we were driving south, he would exclaim “THIS IS MY FIRST FAVORITE HILL!” on the first bridge we would go over. This went on with the next bridge “THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE HILL!” Then MY THIRD FAVORITE HILL MY FOURTH FAVORITE…

I only like Teacher Candice

Today was Friday storytelling and PE Day, but when school started, it was a different teacher leading the class. Lucas started crying Lucas: where is teacher Candice? L: where is she? I only like teacher Candice! *cries to mommy* he didn’t want to participate. then, Teacher Diane started the storytelling Teacher: we are going to…

Show and Tell: Potato Ricer

Lately Lucas has been watching youtube videos featuring various kinds of kitchen gadgets, like peelers, mashers, slicers etc. His favorite Nunu also likes buying all kinds of kitchen gadgets and when we asked The Child what he wanted to bring to Show and Tell, this was what he picked.

Flip Flops for the Beach

Continuing their lessons about summertime and travel to the beach, they watched a video on how slippers or flip Flops are made and Lucas kept commenting or showing off his own rubber tsinelas.

Just a cotton-picking minute!

Their school activity was to draw cotton plants, something made of cotton then its uses. they are usually told how to mix colors but they have the option to just use the intended color. he didn’t want to just use green so he used a blue marker and a yellow marker to make green leaves…

School Experiment: Surface Tension

Their Thursday school Experiment activity was about Surface Tension. They had a shallow dish of water with a light coating of black pepper, teacher told the kids to pretend that the pepper is the virus. Then with a small drop of dish soap on their finger, they would touch the surface of the pepper water…