He’s so Pogi

Mommy: Lucas, you’re so pogi Lucas: Yes I am! *translation: pogi = handsome

Bumble Roco

The child has still been going to school as regularly as he can while his mommy works beside him. I forgot to remind them about Show and Tell, so the child had to quickly come up with something on the fly. Good thing his Favorite Nunu had this Bumblebee drink tumbler which they call Bumble…

Things are tough, but we feel your love.

Originally posted on The Geeky Cat Lady:
It’s been nearly two weeks since Oneal took his dad to the hospital, and we found out that Oneal’s dad was positive for COVID-19. It’s been a hectic, stressful time since. It was made more difficult by the fact that Oneal and I felt so alone–he was with…