Show and Tell: Fluffy Giraffe

The Eiffel Tower and Star Wars storytelling

Every Thursday is Craft day at school and this week they made an Eiffel Tower out of paper. Normally the teacher gives a template to print out and then the kids have to cut, fold and paint them. Unfortunately we don’t have a working printer at home, so usually I go to the nearby print…

Guess How Much I Love You

For Show and Tell today, The Child wanted to bring his toy guitar. he has been playing with this really noisy toy for the past few days but today, it didn’t seem to want to work. so, at the last minute, we picked out a book for him to showcase. this is one of his…

Show and Tell: Long Journey Book

We almost forgot to prepare for Show and Tell because we were working on their craft project, but I think he presented the long journey book about the Canadian Rocky Mountains quite well.