Purple Troll

We have been allowing Lucas to watch more TV lately. We still try to limit his viewing to educational or interactive shows like Sesame Street (ideally with less Elmo), Cocomelon and Blippi, But sometimes he looks for something more dynamic, with action and compelling characters. One day, he said “I want to watch Purple Troll.” it took us a while to figure out what it was he wanted to watch. He kept saying “Purple Troll” over and over again, until he started getting frustrated with us. Usually we know what he is referring to, but this stumped us for a while. We started flipping through the shows on the Netflix Kids account, with Lucas pointing at the screen saying “no”, “no”, “nooooo.” And then he finally nodded his head when this screen turned up. PAW PATROL! This is a fascinating show. It’s about a 10-year-old boy named Ryder who runs a search and rescue team of intelligent, speaking, driving Dogs. Each of the dogs have their own special skills, like operating heavy machinery for construction,  water rescue or helicopter pilot. They also have distinct personalities, and skills used in their daily adventures.  Whats amusing is how Lucas remembers all their names, even though some dogs have alternate names for different mission suits. He even recognizes them in other toys and different videos aside from the show. Fortunately, the show has two seasons on Netflix, and the rest are available elsewhere. They have five full seasons, with around 25 episodes each, plus two movies. Each episode will have one to two stories. The characters are engaging and the stories are entertaining so far. We’ll see when we finish season four. Local malls have also had them in toy stores or in musical mall shows. We hope they have them again soon so Lucas can see them onstage.

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