Costume Chronicles: Paw Patrol Chase

This Halloween is different from normal. But we still tried to make it somewhat normal for The Child. We asked him what he wants to be on Halloween and of course he said CHASE! My favorite!

Chase happens to be the lead pup in his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol. He is a German shepherd pup who is a police dog.

We had to find the right materials that were easy to cut and paint yet light enough for The Child’s costume. We also needed to find some readily available costume parts to limit the need to build from scratch.

SM Masinag had a lot of costume options but they only had one police costume and it was large, I ended up having to fold and pin the legs so he could walk. The big hat looked cute though.

Freehand template for the dog ears
Cutout the ear patterns and draw them on the craft foam.
Test the cutout foam on the hat
I used the rest of the craft foam to make a face mask painted like a dog nose
That’s Chase on the upper right
Water soluble poster paint
I think he is excited
Lucas is the one painting
He likes to paint
I mixed the paint to get the right shade
Who has the biggest smile?
Like watching paint dry
There will be a child under there
Wearing it for the first time
The full costume
Good thing the suit is dry fit and cool to wear


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