Costume Chronicles: Yip Yips for Halloween

Since nothing about 2020 is going to be normal, we needed simple costumes to wear while doing our socially distanced trick or treat with The Child.

We decided to do the Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street. We already had two fuzzy fleece blankets from Bleeves so we only needed one more color fleece blanket which we got from SM Surplus shop for cheap.

Lucas even wanted to combine his Paw Patrol Chase costume with the Yip Yip and his Spider-man jacket to become Yip Yip Spider-Chase.

Fuzzy wire for the antenna
Cheap headbands minus the ribbons
5 inch Styrofoam balls for the eyes
1 inch Styrofoam balls for the antenna ends
Twist a paperclip to hold the fuzzy wire and the eyeballs
I didn’t have time to make Googly eyes so a sharpie had to do
Lucas didn’t want to wear his blue fur
The mommy Yip Yip


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