Space, lost in

Daycare Chronicles: the letter Z

Teacher: Five Zebras minus five Zebras equals zero Zebras Lucas: Zero also starts with the letter Z! L: If there are zero villages then we will have nothing? Nothing means we will be floating in space?!? L: I dont want to be floating in space

Show and Tell: Guardians of the Galaxy little golden book

Lucas: My name is Lucas and this is my favorite book in the whole rainbow world. L: Guardians of the Galaxy book! L: I read this book everyday. T: did you memorize the book already? L: Yes but I want my mommy to read to book to me because my mommy is great at reading…

Daycare Chronicles: Milky Way

Teacher: What did we learn from the video? What is our galaxy called? Lucas: Milky Way! It looks like a spiral or octopus! With arms and tentacles that go around and around. *whirls arms around and around*

Daycare Chronicles: Spacecraft

Teacher: astronauts can bring some things when they travel into space. What will you bring if you go to space? ? Kid 1: food! Kid 2: clothes! Kid 3: a map! L: a parachute! So that I can slow down when going back home Teacher: let’s draw a space shuttle with a booster rocket. Follow…

Daycare Chronicles: Astronaut

Teacher: if you met an astronaut what will you ask them? Kid 1: how do you go to space in the space shuttle? Kid 2: after you go to space will you come back? Kid 3: how do you eat in space? L: When I was a police officer I was able to catch the…