Lucas Layug Rosero Alien

1) Lucas: I’m from ancient Egypt Lazada! Don’t send me back! You don’t want me anymore?
I’m from the desert planet of desert Lazada. I’m an alien!
My alien ship landed in the garden! It was bombed by the aliens! I was sent here!
Because they couldn’t hear me because I was far away
2) Lucas: My brother bombed my ship!
parents: you have a brother?
Lucas: yeah he sent me here! I was wearing alien spaceship clothes. I bombed my ship. I had a grenade in my pocket and I had to put it in the spaceship. So that I could be free and ran into the house
3) Lucas: The spaceship had many buttons to make it land but there were no buttons to open the door.
So I had to use a grenade. I was on an alien planet.
Mommy: so you used the grenade to bomb the spaceship, but how did you survive?
Lucas: I pressed a button to open a giant door
4) Mommy: I thought there was no door?
Lucas: I pressed the number 1 to 100 to open the door.
Then I ran into this house and pressed the doorbell
*Ding dong* Here I am, I’m your son!
5) Lucas: I had two ultimate grenades, they were in my pockets and then I used them on the spaceship.
And then there was a 100 and 1 and then the zeros were deleted and the grenade exploded!
6) Lucas: it’s only up to 100 not 1000, that will blow up the window, the door and the wheels.
Mommy: your spaceship has wheels?
Lucas: yes! It’s an Alien spaceship car
7) Mommy tell me about your brother.
Lucas: his skin is orange, and has a tiny purple eye, and only walked on four legs, no, 100 legs.
Mommy: so he is a centipede?
Lucas: no! He is a tiny little ant!
8) Mommy: so what’s the name of your brother?
Lucas: All right!
Mommy: so what’s the name of your brother?
Lucas: All right!
Mommy: what is his name?
Mommy: oh! So his name is All right!
9) Lucas: My brother drove the spaceship, then I landed here,
and then I ran to the door and rang the doorbell *Ding dong*
and then you said “who is it?”
and I said it’s “Lucas Layug Rosero Alien” That’s the end!
10) Lucas: then my brother had a sister.
Mommy: now your brother has a sister?
Lucas: it’s my sister also!
Mommy: okay, tell me about your sister.
Lucas: no! That’s the end!
Mommy: okay, tell me about your sister tomorrow.
Lucas: okay.


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