Daycare Chronicles: Spacecraft

Teacher: astronauts can bring some things when they travel into space. What will you bring if you go to space? ?

Kid 1: food!

Kid 2: clothes!

Kid 3: a map!

L: a parachute! So that I can slow down when going back home

Teacher: let’s draw a space shuttle with a booster rocket. Follow the shapes.

That’s a spacecraft

L: My name is Lucas and this is my spaceship or spacecraft. I made the pointy thing in front blue instead of yellow like yours, the body is teal, and the oval things on the sides are yellow not red, and the window is brown, the long rectangle is yellow and the diamond fire on the bottom are red.

L: I also made the space shuttle here with the triangle on the front that is pink and the other triangle on the back that is also pink. Then the rectangle is red because my mommy likes red.

L: *smiles*



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