Daycare Chronicles: P. E.

Teacher: so now every Friday after Show and Tell we will have P. E. or Physical Education so that we exercise our body as well as our minds.

After stretching, jumping Jack’s, addition and more jumping.

T: we have to cool down, we are going to do a yoga tree pose.

Kid 1: it’s like ballet!

Lucas: I can do ballet, boys or girls can do ballet.

L: Oh! Tree pose is not ballet, it’s yoga like my mommy does!

L: I can do it see!

Tree Pose

T: next we stretch our body like this.

L: more yoga! My mommy does yoga!

L: I like stretching

T: let’s sing our goodbye song and I’ll see you again on Monday

Kid 1: teacher it’s too short!

Kid 2: teacher, will we have PE every day?

Kid 3: I want more!

Lucas: I can exercise some more by myself.



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