The Eiffel Tower and Star Wars storytelling

Every Thursday is Craft day at school and this week they made an Eiffel Tower out of paper.

Normally the teacher gives a template to print out and then the kids have to cut, fold and paint them. Unfortunately we don’t have a working printer at home, so usually I go to the nearby print shop right outside the village, but the ECQ stresses me out each time I have to leave the house so I just took the file of the template, enlarged it on my desktop screen, used a thin piece of paper and traced it with a marker.

at first, I tried to copy the four sides of the Eiffel tower like in the template but it was much easier to do just one side, then trace those on an old calendar so the material is thicker.

then The Child helped cut it out and put glue then painted it.

After this craft showcase, it was time for Show & Tell where he told the story from one of his favorite bedtime storybooks “C3PO does not like sand.”



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