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  • Lucas Chronicles: Mobile Sunday

    Lucas Chronicles: Mobile Sunday

    We took The Child to the nearby memorial park so he could practice biking and his scooter.

  • Show and Tell then PE

    Show and Tell then PE

    Lucas was playing with his scooter this morning, first down the street then in the cement garden. while he was showing me his tricks (which was mostly just posing) he slipped and skinned his knee. He has fallen from his bike and while running before but it wasn’t so bad. This time his knee was…

  • Lucas Chronicles: Scooter

    Lucas Chronicles: Scooter

    One of this favorite things to play with when we go to the nearby Decathlon sporting goods branch are these kick scooters. He started out with the ones with two wheels in front and one in the back. Later when he gained a bit more confidence he tried the two wheel version. I think he…

  • Lucas Chronicles: Sports things

    Lucas Chronicles: Sports things

    I’ve said this before, we are not into sports. We don’t follow it, we don’t celebrate it and we don’t play it. We know a lot of people love different kinds of sports but it’s just not our thing. The Child though, is very active. He likes kicking his foot ball, dunking his basketball, going…

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