Lucas Chronicles: Sports things

I’ve said this before, we are not into sports. We don’t follow it, we don’t celebrate it and we don’t play it. We know a lot of people love different kinds of sports but it’s just not our thing.

The Child though, is very active. He likes kicking his foot ball, dunking his basketball, going downhill on his balance bike and running around. We would have no idea what to do if ever he got into sports ball somehow.

Today, after Rej and I got back from our grocery run, we all went on a quick trip to the nearby sports thing warehouse Decathlon. There were more people than usual since they had a big sale the entire month of October, but there was hardly a crowd and people were social distancing properly.

Lucas wanted to try out a trampoline but today was the one time they didn’t have one setup to try. Instead, The Child kept going back to the scooters and pedal bikes.

We tried out this pedal bike with training wheels or stabilizers, he wasn’t used to the pedals yet so I had to help push him to get started moving. But he said he liked it. I think he is ready to upgrade from his balance bike.

He spent the most time with the push scooters. He liked to play with the three wheel scooters but he seemed to prefer the one with lights in the front wheels when you spin them.

He also tried on different kinds of helmets but I think the most fun he had was with the safety padding for the stunt/freestyle scooters.

He even intentionally tripped and fell on the floor to test out how much protection he had.

He fell on the floor on purpose, got up and said “I’m okay! It didn’t hurt! It’s a good thing I have armor” then proceeded to do it again two more times.

The pieces were still a bit big for him that the hand guards were reaching up to his elbow pads.

Unfortunately the push scooters need a smooth, flat surface to function. The streets outside aren’t exactly the best place to use a scooter.



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