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  • Costume Chronicles: Paw Patrol Chase

    Costume Chronicles: Paw Patrol Chase

    This Halloween is different from normal. But we still tried to make it somewhat normal for The Child. We asked him what he wants to be on Halloween and of course he said CHASE! My favorite! Chase happens to be the lead pup in his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol. He is a German shepherd pup…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Heart

    Daycare Chronicles: Heart

    Teacher: today we are learning about the heart and how it supplies blood all over our body T: can you draw the body and then use red and blue crayons for the veins and arteries. Lucas: Teacher! I’m done! You can spotlight me! L: This is my drawing, I made my body here and the…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Ears

    Daycare Chronicles: Ears

    Teacher: draw three things that make sounds that you can hear with your ears then tell us about your drawings. Lucas: My name is Lucas and the first thing I drew is a guitar that goes *zing zing zing* L: The second thing I drew is a ball going up and down like a ball.…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Spacecraft

    Daycare Chronicles: Spacecraft

    Teacher: astronauts can bring some things when they travel into space. What will you bring if you go to space? ? Kid 1: food! Kid 2: clothes! Kid 3: a map! L: a parachute! So that I can slow down when going back home Teacher: let’s draw a space shuttle with a booster rocket. Follow…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Stars

    Daycare Chronicles: Stars

    Teacher: there are red stars, yellow stars and blue stars Lucas: can we reach the stars if I jump so high? L: If stars are coming to you then you catch them L: If stars are bouncy then you can bounce them up and down L: Yes yes and there are a million hundred stars!

  • Daycare Chronicles: Solar System

    Daycare Chronicles: Solar System

    Teacher: draw the different planets of the solar system on one piece of paper. Lucas: I want to use MANY pieces of paper! L: the planets are soooo big they cannot fit in one paper L: I’m going to use my rainbow crayon for Jupiter because it’s the biggest and it has rainbows!

  • Daycare Chronicles: Uranus

    Daycare Chronicles: Uranus

    T: our lesson for today is Uranus, let’s draw the planet like the one in the video we just watched. L: I need an adult to help me draw Uranus L: I put a little bit of purple because Uranus has a little bit of blue already L: That is the word Uranus and that…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Mars

    Daycare Chronicles: Mars

    Teacher: What did you learn from the video about Mars? L: Mars is a planet after Earth. L: it is color red. L: there are many volcanos! L: I’m afraid of the lava from the volcanos! THE FLOOR IS LAVA! AAAAH *Jumps all around* L: I don’t like the lava

  • Daycare Chronicles: Football

    Daycare Chronicles: Football

    I will draw the biggest biggest football Look teacher! I made the biggest football! It’s blue and the biggest biggest football! T: will you color it or leave it as is? L: I will leave it as is T: you can put more color, footballs don’t have to be black and white anymore. L: I’m…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Jeepney

    Daycare Chronicles: Jeepney

    Teacher: who here has ridden a jeepney? Lucas: I have not yet ridden a jeep but I rode a tricycle and it was so fast and I was scared.

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