Daycare Chronicles: Sleep

Teacher: can you draw the bed where you sleep just like my drawing?

Lucas: excuse me teacher I want to tell you something! I’m done! Spotlight me!

T: I’ll spotlight kid 1 first Lucas.

L: But I was finished first.

T: okay Kid 1, thank you for your drawing of your bed. Next I will spotlight Lucas.

L: Yay! My name is Lucas and this is my drawing of my crib-bed!

L: I made it orange and the pillow is also orange and the blanket is orange.

T: Lucas is that a ball on your bed?

L: Yes its also orange.

T: I hope it’s not a ball you play with because that will make it hard for you to go to sleep.

L: Yes, but not a play ball that’s what I can play with outside. This one is not a play ball.

T: is it a stuffed toy ball that you can hug while you sleep?

L: Yes its a soft ball that I hug and cuddle when I sleep.

L: Can you see my eyebrows?

T: yes I can see your eyebrows going up and down

T: everybody is so good at raising their eyebrows, thank you Lucas for showing us a way to stay awake.

L: I like staying awake except when I’m asleep.



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