Show and Tell: Halloween Punkin’

Teacher: next I will spotlight Lucas for Show and Tell.

Lucas: Hello, my name is Lucas Rosero and this is my small Punkin.

L: That’s all

T: what do you have inside your Punkin?

L: I have these toys and this is not a toy.

T: can you tell us more about those things inside your Punkin?

L: I have this *uhm* Thor and an animal

L: Then I have this smelling thing that you sniff

L: wait! I have another Punkin! *runs away*

T: where are you Lucas, we can’t see you!

L: look at my big Punkin! *brings out large Halloween pumpkin*

L: here I have a Transformer Sideswipe and a Transformer Bumblebee and then I have these two guns *PEW PEW PEW*

T: oh so you keep small toys and things in the small pumpkin and big toys in the big pumpkin.

L: Yes! Are they so nice?

T: thank you Lucas for showing us how you sort your toys into big and small containers.







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