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  • Monster Ball

    Monster Ball

  • Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Lucas: Teacher excuse me, I have a question! Excuse me teacher I want to ask you something. Teacher: yes Lucas can I help you? L: why do we need to exercise? T: exercise is healthy and good for our bodies L: okay, thank you teacher, I’m ready to exercise some more T: get something round…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Sleep

    Daycare Chronicles: Sleep

    Teacher: can you draw the bed where you sleep just like my drawing? Lucas: excuse me teacher I want to tell you something! I’m done! Spotlight me! T: I’ll spotlight kid 1 first Lucas. L: But I was finished first. T: okay Kid 1, thank you for your drawing of your bed. Next I will…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Ears

    Daycare Chronicles: Ears

    Teacher: draw three things that make sounds that you can hear with your ears then tell us about your drawings. Lucas: My name is Lucas and the first thing I drew is a guitar that goes *zing zing zing* L: The second thing I drew is a ball going up and down like a ball.…

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