Say hello to my little friend

Teacher’s Cat

The Child has this funny habit of asking people what their favorite color is and he remembers them so that he can draw, paint and color things according to the colors people like. Their lesson today was about cats and when they were drawing, he asked teacher what her favorite colors were and he made…

Lucas Chronicles: Mittens

Mommy Rej and Lucas are reading Treetop Twins meet a Mammoth and there was a mention of mittens. Mommy: Lucas, do you know what mittens are? Lucas: yes! Of course! M: okay, what are mittens? L: Mittens are what cats use so they can eat pies!

Daycare Chronicles: Our Cat

Teacher: can you follow our lesson today and identify things in your house that everyone in your family uses or owns? Kid 1: this is our aircon. Kid 2: this is our electric fan. Kid 3: this is our bathroom. Lucas: this is our kitty cat, her name is Luka and she is colored black…