I love Paw Patrol

Sung to the tune of I Love Rock and Roll

He doesn’t know how to walk

He just runs We stopped by Decathlon for some essentials, but kids aren’t allowed inside anymore, so Lucas decided to just run back and forth outside.

Daycare Chronicles: Police car

Teacher: We are drawing a police car. You have five minutes to finish your drawing. Lucas: 2 minutes later, teacher I’m done! Teacher: I’ll spotlight the ones who are done, first is Kid 1. T: Lucas you’re next. L: wait wait wait I’m not done! I’m only a little done!

Daycare Chronicles: Firetruck

Teacher: can we all draw a firetruck like my example? Lucas: Do I still need to draw the cabinet for all the things (he asked while drawing the cabinet for all the things)

Show and Tell: Mighty Chase

My name is Lucas and this is my Mighty Chase toy, he is one of the Paw Patrol pups and he is very fast like this *WOOOSH* He also has a Mighty Chase car that is blue and yellow and Grey, it also transforms into a hover craft like this *VROOM* The hover craft is…