Watch me Whip

Physical Education

Lucas: Why is we need to PE and show and tell? Teacher: Physical fitness and learn how to talk and listen to each other. We have to know how to speak and communicate. T: tomorrow is our Christmas party, you can wear your best holiday clothes. L: I’m going to wear Christmas blue!

Daycare Chronicles: Physical Education

After six months of daily online classes, Lucas’ daycare added a new activity to their weekly schedule. Physical Education. Every Friday, after their Show and Tell, the kids would do structured exercises led by Teacher Candice. The kids seem to really enjoy the extra strenuous activities of running jumping and stretching. But one fun thing…

Daycare Chronicles: P. E.

Teacher: so now every Friday after Show and Tell we will have P. E. or Physical Education so that we exercise our body as well as our minds. After stretching, jumping Jack’s, addition and more jumping. T: we have to cool down, we are going to do a yoga tree pose. Kid 1: it’s like…