Lucas Chronicles: Whiteboard Art

Lucas Chronicles: Cleanup

Because he is on Christmas vacation, we had to find something to keep The Child busy. He started working on his dry erase cards from the daycare classes. We had forgotten to erase some of his older lessons so the ink had hardened on the cards and we needed to use alcohol and elbow grease…

Daycare Chronicles: Reptiles

Teacher: can you describe the animal you see on the screen and then the rest of us will guess which one you are talking about. Lucas: I see the snake that is like a circle and has pattern that looks like triangles. It’s this one here *points at the screen* T: is it this one?…

Lucas Chronicles: Math

Lucas likes math,which is funny because neither of his parents are any good at it. A month ago, his teacher sent them a bag with a whiteboard marker, eraser and a whole bunch of laminated activity sheets that they would do in class or as homework. Some of the activities involve simple addition and subtraction….