Lucas Chronicles: Math

Lucas likes math,which is funny because neither of his parents are any good at it.

A month ago, his teacher sent them a bag with a whiteboard marker, eraser and a whole bunch of laminated activity sheets that they would do in class or as homework.

Some of the activities involve simple addition and subtraction. It also helps that the activity sheets have nice visual aids so he has learned to count different objects like fruits or animals then cross out some to learn subtraction.

The other day we were playing some math games on this site called Adapted Mind and he was learning to add two to three numbers together. I helped him by having him write the numbers on a whiteboard, then draw shapes to correspond to the numbers. Then he would count them all together to get the answer.

The website helps because after a few math problems he gets gems or unlocks new parts to build little monster pets or friends. It’s really cute and he likes it. Once in a while he will say, i want to do math.



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