My Name in Cherries

Daycare Chronicles: Bitter

Teacher: today we are going to taste something bitter. What did you bring that is bitter? Kid 1: Ampalaya (bitter gourd) Kid 2: I drink coffee so I don’t get sleepy T: really I’m surprised you already drink coffee Lucas: I’m drinking my daddy’s coffee. *sip* YUCK! I don’t like coffee!

Daycare Chronicles: Sweet

Teacher: Today we are chefs, we will be making something sweet. Can you name things that are sweet? Kid 1: lollipop! Kid 2: chocolates! Kid 3: M&M’s! Lucas: Chocolate also! But I have white chocolate which is the same but also white. Chocolate is my favorite. T: can you draw something sweet? Kid 1: I…

Daycare Chronicles: sour

Teacher: today our lesson is about taste, pretend we are chefs and we have to cook something sour. Do you like sour food? What did you bring that is sour? Kid 1: I have a lemon *blech* Kid 2: I have kalamansi *blech* Kid 3: I have sour candy yummy! Lucas: I have kalamansi juice!…

Lucas Chronicles: Smells like Batman

Lucas likes to brush his teeth. He used to have mickey mouse toothpaste and some other random kiddie toothpaste. Recently his mommy bought him a tube of Batman toothpaste. I tried it and it tastes like bubble gum. However, the child has never tried bubble gum so he isn’t really familiar with that flavor. Whenever…

Daycare Chronicles: Touch

Teacher: What do you use your hands for? Kid 1: holding my crayons Kid 2: writing my name Kid 3: eating food Lucas: Picking up my hair and making my eyes look like this.

Daycare Chronicles: Nose

Teacher: What are things you can smell with your nose? Kid 1: spray paint! Kid 2: flowers! Kid 3: cake! Lucas: I smell my daddy!

Daycare Chronicles: Ears

Teacher: draw three things that make sounds that you can hear with your ears then tell us about your drawings. Lucas: My name is Lucas and the first thing I drew is a guitar that goes *zing zing zing* L: The second thing I drew is a ball going up and down like a ball….