Lucas Chronicles: Smells like Batman

Lucas likes to brush his teeth. He used to have mickey mouse toothpaste and some other random kiddie toothpaste.

Recently his mommy bought him a tube of Batman toothpaste.

Na na na na na na Batpaste!

I tried it and it tastes like bubble gum. However, the child has never tried bubble gum so he isn’t really familiar with that flavor.

Whenever he brushes his teeth we sing Na na na na na na Batpaste! Batpaste Batpaste (apologies to Adam West)

Last week he sniffed the toothpaste on his toothbrush and said “it smells like Batman!”

His mommy and I looked at each other and said “I hope not”

Then he took a small lick and declared “it even tastes like Batman!”

His parents said “we really hope not”

His mommy said “what would Batman even smell or taste like?

To which I said “sweat and leather, we should be familiar with that smell by now.”

Then I took a swig of mouthwash



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