Dinosaur faces

Like most children, Lucas loves dinosaurs. he has this book which he loves to read before bedtime which describes many different dinosaurs and it even has samples of their fur or feathers, their rough, scaly skin, and other details. one part of the book talks about different sizes of dinosaurs from the largest to the…

Utah raptor goes to school

His Ninang Trish got him this baby dinosaur during her travels He hasn’t played with it in a long time He said it looks like a giraffe

Dinosaur Egg

we got century eggs recently then told The Child that they were dinosaur eggs. he liked them

I only like Teacher Candice

Today was Friday storytelling and PE Day, but when school started, it was a different teacher leading the class. Lucas started crying Lucas: where is teacher Candice? L: where is she? I only like teacher Candice! *cries to mommy* he didn’t want to participate. then, Teacher Diane started the storytelling Teacher: we are going to…

Daycare Chronicles: Stegosaurus

Teacher: can you all draw the Stegosaurus step by step? Lucas: Teacher I’m done! spotlight me! L: My name is Lucas and this is my Stegosaurus and I made it pink. L: My Stegosaurus looks like an alligator. T: yes you’re right it does look like an alligator. Kid 1: I made my Stegosaurus green…