I only like Teacher Candice

Today was Friday storytelling and PE Day, but when school started, it was a different teacher leading the class. Lucas started crying

Lucas: where is teacher Candice?

L: where is she? I only like teacher Candice! *cries to mommy*

he didn’t want to participate.

then, Teacher Diane started the storytelling

Teacher: we are going to have storytelling

T: our story for today is about a boy who was looking for a dinosaur costume for a costume party at school.

T: He went with his daddy to the store but the costumes there were so expensive.

T: They went back home and looked at all the junk that people thew away.

T: Then the daddy said “we can use this stuff to build a costume, we can be creative and help the environment too!”

T: they worked on the costume together and it was nicer than the expensive one in the store.

T: all his classmates said it was a great costume! and he got a prize!

Lucas could relate to this story so he was so happy and started to participate in the class.

Lucas: “now I like Teacher Diane.”

L: I like a lot of teachers now



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