Only Two More Sleeps to Loki

Teacher: What month is it?Kids: June!T: What date is it today?K: 7!T: what day is it today?Kids: Monday!Lucas looking at me: Daddy! It’s almost June 9! It’s almost time for Loki! Only two more sleeps!

Around the World with Lucas & Friends

Way back before the pandemic hit, we liked to take The Child places so he can experience many things to learn and meet people. Now it’s sad when we hear him say things like “can we go there when there is no more sickness?” He also likes to talk to friends and family online and…

Lucas Chronicles: Reading by himself

Lucas has been practicing how to read all by himself. we give him a sticker for every book he reads. He can then exchange that sticker for 30 minutes of screen time. On weekends I let him watch longer. Mommy is the strict one 😛

Lucas Chronicles: McDonalds Treetop Twins Books

The happy little boy now with his set of 6 Treetop Twins books. He loves reading these before bedtime, he wants to scan them in the McDo Happy Meal app to get the additional features and the interactive animated reading story. He had already memorized the first 4 books even before he learned to read….

Show and Tell: Alpabeto ng Kalikasan book

Lucas received this book last December from his Ninang Issa, we tried to make him repeat the names in Filipino. Back then he hard a hard time with the words. Fast forward to February 2021 and Lucas loves practicing how to read anything he sees in front of him, in English or Filipino. Lately he…

Daycare Chronicles: Hobby

Teacher: What is your favorite hobby? Kid 1: my favorite hobby is dancing. Kid 2: my favorite hobby is football. Kid 3: my favorite hobbies drawing. Lucas: My favorite hobby is everything! Later some of the other kids were answering with “everything” being their favorites.

Show and Tell: The Incredibles Little Golden Book

This is one of Lucas’ favorite books to read before bedtime. It’s also the first movie he watched in the cinema that he sat through from start to finish. For many months his mommy would read the book from cover to cover, recently we asked Lucas how well he knows the story and to our…