Lucas Likes Everything

Lucas is a funny boy. He likes things.

A typical conversation with The Child while walking to the park goes like this:
“Daddy, what’s that?”
“That’s a bird.”
“I Like the bird.”

“Mommy, what’s that?”
“That’s a tree, Lucas.”
“I like the tree.”

“Mommy, what’s that?”
“That’s a leaf.”
“I like a leaf.”

“Mommy, what’s that?”
“That’s a bike.”
“I like a bike.”

“Daddy, what’s that?”
“That’s a cockroach.”
“I like a cockroach.”

Sometimes he doesn’t even need to ask.
Lucas: “That’s a tricycle.”
Lucas: “I like a tricycle.”
Mommy: “Lucas, you’ve never even ridden in a tricycle.”

Lucas: “That’s a rock!”
Lucas: “I like the rock.”
Mommy: “Of course you like the rock.”This morning his mommy asked if he liked Paw Patrol.
“Do you like Marshall?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Rubble?”

“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Rocky?”

“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Zuma?”

“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Skye?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Chase?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Ryder?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like Chickaletta?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like The Mayor?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like the cat?”
“Yeah” *nods*

“Do you like the other mayor?”
“yeah” *nods*

I think he knows what he likes




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