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  • Abstract Art with water

    Abstract Art with water

  • School Experiment: Surface Tension

    School Experiment: Surface Tension

    Their Thursday school Experiment activity was about Surface Tension. They had a shallow dish of water with a light coating of black pepper, teacher told the kids to pretend that the pepper is the virus. Then with a small drop of dish soap on their finger, they would touch the surface of the pepper water…

  • Experiment: Home Made Playdoh

    Experiment: Home Made Playdoh

    Today’s school experiment is home made playdoh. Teacher Angel gave instructions over video while Teacher Candice was guiding the kids over zoom. Unfortunately we used cheap flour and a little too much water so we ended up with a really sticky paste which felt nothing like playdoh. But I think The Child still had fun.…

  • Daycare Chronicles: School Supplies

    Daycare Chronicles: School Supplies

    Teacher: can you draw things that you use in school? Lucas: teacher, I’m done! spotlight me! L: This is a pencil and this is a computer and this is a phone and this is an eraser and this is a whiteboard and this is my water bottle and this is my name Lucas. L-U-C-A-S Lucas

  • Lucas Chronicles: Washing the car

    Lucas Chronicles: Washing the car

  • Daycare Chronicles: Question of the Day

    Daycare Chronicles: Question of the Day

    Why do we need to drink water? Why do we need to dance? Why do we need attendance? Why do we need math? Why do we have to get it correct? Why do we need to write? Why do we need to draw? Can I erase it?

  • Daycare Chronicles: Fish

    Daycare Chronicles: Fish

    Yesterday’s lesson was about animals, they started discussing Fish

  • Daycare Chronicles: Water

    Daycare Chronicles: Water

    Teacher: copy this chart of the days of the week and then draw water droplets so you know how many times you have to drink a glass of water. Lucas: Teacher I’m done! Spotlight me! L: I drew five drops, look! T: What day is that? Is that today? L: Yes that is Wednesday, I…

  • Show and Tell: Blue Cup

    Show and Tell: Blue Cup

    My name is Lucas and this is my blue cup. It is blue blue blue! My favorite color! I like it because it is blue and it has a weird shape like an oval but it’s not an oval. I got it from my favorite Nunu in the whole rainbow world. You can use it…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Rice

    Daycare Chronicles: Rice

    L: I drew water all over my rice plants T: can you use another color for your rice plants? L: I made them all blue! Like the water! T: I think your rice will grow so well because there is a lot of water there. L: I’ll add some green L: so, do you like…

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