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  • Green screen

    Green screen

  • I’m So Proud of My Family

    I’m So Proud of My Family

  • Star Wars Retro games

    Star Wars Retro games

    While cleaning in her home office, my wife @rejjventress found some old tech we had lying around for years. one of the things she found was this old retro gaming device that plugs directly into your TV’s AV connections, the one with the yellow and white RCA connector, yes its that old. so after testing…

  • Lucas Chronicles: Spiders

    Lucas Chronicles: Spiders

    TRIGGER WARNING!!! If you are afraid of Spiders, avoid this post. Lucas likes to watch videos on YouTube Kids or Netflix. One of the things he likes is Lucas the Spider. He also knows that his mommy doesn’t like snakes and his favorite Nunu doesn’t like spiders. Today he was watching YouTube Kids and picked…

  • Show and Tell: “Chef”

    Show and Tell: “Chef”

    This is Chef as Lucas calls him. It’s actually a stuffed toy of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Daycare Chronicles: Video

    Daycare Chronicles: Video

    In online school today, teacher was discussing Denmark Lucas: Teacher wait! I have a question! Listen to me! T: let me prepare the video we are going to watch then you can ask your question. L: Teacher what if the video doesn’t launch then you launch it? T: hahaha don’t worry, it should work fine…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Dance

    Daycare Chronicles: Dance

    I have no words

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