Sandcastles in the Sand

That excavator toy was his daddy’s

Data Visualization with Playdoh

The Child likes Playdoh. so we found these 2 sets really cheap, less than P300 each. They have math and science activities you can do with the playdoh using templates, sizes and number charts. He really loves them.

Show and Tell: Dominoes

He really wanted to bring his Dominoes to Show and Tell. But he only came up with the presentation that same morning.

Show and Tell: Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter

This is my Melnum Falcon and my TIE Fighter from Star Wars. They are space ships that go really fast and fly *WOOOSH!* The Melnum Falcon has Rey inside and Finn inside and Han Solo inside and even Chewie inside also. The TIE Fighter also has a TIE fighter pilot inside it. The Melnum Falcon…